this post is not about the election

Other than reading teh Internets, I've been getting my body healthy and doing my dammittest to get some kind of routine going again. I'm just graduating to the advanced DVD of this dude's super psycho martial-artsy yoga. If you think yoga is all granola and pussy, well, try to keep up with his source power workout. Well, maybe it is a little granola but I don't mind -- I'm an internationally travelled and highly cultured motherfucker.

Last weekend I introduced a n00b to the wonders of pistol shooting. It went so well, we're going again this weekend too! There's my version of constructive politics -- making the world a better place one bullet at a time.

I haven't been too engaged with Fortuna on a regular basis, other than as an observer of the world and participant in the general uncertainties of life. But She still occupies my thoughts and makes me laugh as I watch people struggle desperately with Her. To be at war with luck is not to fight Fortuna--that way lies madness and destruction. You can't win unless you make Her your ally.

Here's the book that I'm reading now. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I'm into it 300 pages already and it gets harder to put down as I go along.

Here's a really good movie I discovered by accident. The music is striking and it's fun to hear people speaking Czech and English with an Irish accent.

Here's the earworm song o' the ding-dong day for you.


Anonymous said...

I like the music at the yoga site. You're lying ... there's no way you can do what he's doing in that picture!! MHC.

CounterClckWise said...

I can't do everything that he does yet, but I did do a full headstand from a crow pose and dropped into a downward dog just today. So there!