In which I channel Cassandra

Do you really want a recap of last week? Well, how about this: the election is almost meaningless. No matter who gets elected the regulatory agencies will still run the show. Neither party will do anything but rearrange the deck chairs on the sinking ship.

The giant sucking sound you're hearing is the beginning of capital flight from the USA as our market regulators outlaw liquidity. This is it -- the unwinding of the Golden Age. I hope you enjoyed it! I sure did. Now let's see who can laugh in the face of adversity, 'cause there's a whole bunch coming down the pipeline.

History will look back on the summer of '08 as a turning point of far greater importance than is currently realized.


BobG said...

"It seems the election choices are going to be one enormous shit sandwich. We only get to choose whether we eat it on white or whole wheat."
--Ambulance Driver