Sports Day

I was just too busy yesterday to bother with teh Innernets. But now that we're standing around the coffee machine: How 'bout them Broncos? I love that Shanahan decided to go for two to take the lead. The Chargers were on their heels and had no answer to Cutler. But to my San Diego friends who feel cheated by the refs: boo fuckin' hoo. In the rematch, I'll take the Broncos and the points.

The day was capped by my Sox blowing a seven run lead, only to take it back for good with a pinch hit grand slam in the eighth. Being long-ball dependent is not my favorite style of baseball, but Ozzie seems to have the team on the right wavelength. The pen has been pretty solid this year, so if the Sox can work through a bad patch of relief and win anyway, the division is all but theirs. World Series, here we come!


mathle said...

D'oh. F'ing Broncos...or should I say Chargers. Hey, just like last season, it takes 10 or 12 games to get into stride...