Daddy, why can't we get us some ree-form?

OK, last post on it for awhile. Just want to throw in a comment I left on Barry Ritholz's blog:

McCain is angling to run a reform ticket, which appeals as much to Republicans who are sick of Bush as it does to independents. Palin strengthens that story. McCain's giving up the 'experience' talking point because it was essentially a losing position, for all the armchair pundits think it powerful. Obama wins in a change vs. experience election. But now, McCain is change too! I think it was a masterful deep post pattern; but it's way too early to know the outcome.

Do you agree that this was his thinking? It turns the cult of personality thing on its pretty little head. Personally, I doubt it'll work, simply because the nation has a special place in its nest for shiny things and Obama is just too damn shiny. But her presence makes the game alot closer.

I've heard from many, many commenters that McCain has now lost his strongest argument against Obama, but I disagree. His strongest arguments are culture and ideology -- Obama is one of the superelites (just like John Kerry), and one of the most socialist members of Congress (just like John Kerry). That's the way to run against him.


mathle said...

You use superelite in the pejorative; what is wrong with elitism? I don't understand why it gets such a bad name. Why do we want our leaders to be "just like us." Why did they have to sell Michelle O as a dutiful housewife and mother while not at least mentioning the harvard trained lawyer part; why pander the the "average joe" standard? I want elitist leader; leaders smarter than the rest of use, more educated.

It wasn't the fact that Kerry was a superelite that was his downfall, it was that he was a bore and a dullard and had nothing new to say.

CounterClckWise said...

I don't have a problem with elites per se, but our current elites carry a lot of electoral baggage, aside from being boring dullards with nothing new to say.
Obama's Harvarding and lawyering and community activing are all pretty big negatives out in flyover country.
It's not that he's smarter than us, it's that he thinks that because he's one of the elite, that he knows better than us how to run our lives even though he has absolutely no fucking idea.