The Republic is dead again

Who is that guy in the tie amidst all those soldiers in this photo? Why, it's the sheriff with his posse!

Now that the military hardware's bought and paid for, I'd bet my whole stack that this damn thing gets used in a marijuana bust over the next four years. There's just no way they won't take that bad boy out for a joyride if they're allowed to keep it, and damn the 'civilians' who don't want to see tanks rolling down the streets of their town.

This is typical of the double-standard bullshit we've acclimated to over the last generation. Remember, if you shoot someone breaking into your daughter's room in the middle of the night, it's murder. But if you get shot by the cops while lying in your own bed, it's just an isolated incident in the process of keeping cops safe.

I'm for stringing up any public official in this country who thinks it's ok for the cops to run around in APCs with mounted .50s, unless they also think it's ok for me to own HEAT missles.