Blog rules

One of the great things about writing a blog is that, at its best, it's a way to develop ideas through writing in short snippets with feedback from intelligent readers. It's a lot more communicative precisely because it's less comprehensive and open to constant revision. Over the last couple of days I wrote a pretty lengthy and sourced piece for the blog, but I've decided to chuck most of it out of the window because it was turning into an academic essay. Blogging is not useful when you try to write too much in a single post. The way I'd rather approach this is to paint the broad strokes for your perusal and fill in the details as the ideas develop.

Comments are heavily encouraged. I am a big believer in the benefits of open source thinking, but let me also make it clear that I'm not interested in being a referee. Votes are boring and thoughts are gold. This is a House of snark and iconoclasm and crimethink, so there are no ideas that are out of bounds. If you're easily offended or even just normally offended, then please move along -- nothing to see here. I may delete comments just because I think they're stupid.

I also may go back and edit a post, which is often considered a no-no in the blogosphere but I have my own goals for this project that may not be the same as other bloggers. When I do edit, I'll note that it's updated but I may not necessarily leave in the redacted part if it's not addressed in the comments as part of the discussion.

So please participate, and have fun dammit! Also, be sure to use the Google reader link. I don't often link the cool stuff as a blog post because I share it with you there. You can use it even if you don't have a Google account.