In which I offer a sort of apology

Look, you might have gotten the wrong idea. The reason I indulge myself in name-calling and general grumpiness about Kudlow's market cheerleading is because a.)I'm on the same side, b.) I generally respect his work, and c.) I know he knows better.
Far be it for me to pee all over someone's sense of optimism; I think optimism a much more productive state of being than the alternative (although it can easily slip into denial, which is why Chicken Littles should never be ignored). Kudlow may or may not be right that the current market woes can be cured by a little more laissez faire and a little less regulation. I personally don't think the cure is that simple, and that our collective economic ass has a lot of piper to be paying. But regardless of that difference, I agree that his policy prescriptions are all to the good no matter how they affect the immediate economic situation.
What gets my goat is his abuse of minor data points in market fluctuations to support his political positions. It's flat-out incorrect, disingenuous, and to anyone paying attention it does more harm than good in advancing his cause.