The Forward Strategy of Overreach

I can't understand how so many 'conservatives' delude themselves that, in the teeth of an unpopular nation-building exercise in the Middle East, war tensions in the Caucusus will help McCain come November. McCain is an even more ardent supporter of Georgia's NATO application than Bush, and blusters even more at Russia than our current soulful prez. Expanding NATO into the Caucusus seems like complete imperial madness to me. Well, maybe it's just me and my redneck friends, but around here inciting war with Russia is not a real popular idea.

I wonder how many American soldiers/citizens South Ossetia is worth to those Washington types? I might sacrifice Bill Kristol for Georgian sovereignity, but that's about it. American influence in that backwater is not worth a single one of my National Guard buddies like Major Tom. How big does the empire need to be before the puppetmasters don't perceive a threat to America? I vaguely remember the days when Republicans didn't want to be the world's policeman...

Some dork even makes the argument that failing to back Georgia is appeasement a la Munich 1938, which is a reference so absurd that when I read it I snorted milk all over my keyboard. If you want to use a Hitler reference, the Sudetenland analogy falls far short of Operation Blau.

The warmongerers need to remember the immortal words of Vizzini: "Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia..."