I Can Haz Internets muzik

Some red-haired chick turned me on to pandora.com, which has been a terrific source of new music for me. It was kind of an amazing favor since God told me that the ginger types have no souls and should be burned at the stake. Anyway, despite its morally suspicious origins, I've been constructing the CounterClckWise internet radio station for your listening enjoyment. Remember, right-click and open the link in a new tab so that you can keep reading all of the blank spaces and empty days of non-writing on my b-log.

Today was the last round of my wrestling match with that !#$!#$ moving truck. Aside from burning through gallons of diesel looking for a fuel station that sells diesel at less than five bucks a gallon, it went fairly smoothly. But I think I'll skip truck-driving school as a possible career option.