Dog bites man

I know it ain't exactly breaking news to y'all, but I find the biggest elitists are usually of the liberal persuasion. I was trolling around the local IntarW3bs for coverage of Sarah Palin, and started perusing the comments on the LA Times blog.
It seems that, to the LA liberals, she's unqualified because:
a) she was a beauty queen
b) she didn't go to an Ivy League school
c) she is not an urban apartment-dweller

The flame wars are pretty hilarious, too, with lots of intra-white status signaling. This election is gonna be a real hoot to watch!

And FWIW, just because I love the theatre of democracy doesn't change a letter of what I wrote earlier about voting.


mathle said...

"Lord it hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way."