the right to vote and the right to bitch

Marko sayeth:
Yeah, both candidates suck, but if you don’t vote, you lose the right to bitch about the government for the next four years. Also, too many people have bled and died for their right to vote for me to just sit out an election. At the very least, you can write in your own choice. (I’m dangerously close to writing in Calvin Coolidge this year.)

Sorry Marko, but that's a load of hogwash. I will not vote and neither will I surrender my right to bitch about the government. The idea that voting in such a structurally dysfunctional system is the main test of one's civic virtue is simply bull puckey. As I've said before, voting in this mobocracy is a signaling act that does nothing whatsoever to move the world in a better direction. If you're counting on the wisdom of the crowds, stop depending on a crowd of morons selecting from a pack of lying jackals. My NRA dues are more than enough participation in this broken mobocracy.

On election day, I'll be at the range.


il Tucc said...

I agree with you. The right to abstain from voting is as great as the right to cast your vote. The problem isn't that not enough people vote. The problem is that too many people vote (not enough people abstain).

Look at the percentage of people that are undecided about the Presidential candidates. These morons, who haven't been paying attention for the pas 2 years, have an equal effect on the outcome of the election as each person who has read about the issues and candidates extensively. The ignorant should be encouraged to abstain (and be blissful).

You once said to me “Your problem is that you’re not fully comfortable with democracy.” I alos agree with you about that!