More crushing of dissent

Here's some typical postmodern psychobabble from the left:
Calling Obama a traitor, un-American and dishonorable may be somewhat effective, but the best thing McCain and Palin have going for them is that Obama is ... black. The subliminal message of all their ads is "scary, black, unknown, black, alien, black, un-American, black." The challenge for McCain, however, is that he can't be explicitly racist: It's no longer acceptable to run Willie Horton-type ads. But ingenious minds find a way to get around this.

That's it -- all criticism is ipso facto racism using code words to frame discourse! Kamiya must be awfully sensitive to pick up on the subliminal messages...anyways, let me stress that I am NOT commenting on McCain or his campaign at all by pointing out this pseudointellectual hysteria, but it's an asinine trait of the hard left to trot it out every four years. Kamiya is a partisan hack. He's as bad as Joe Conason or Michelle Malkin.

[Thanks to my buddy Matt for the link]

UPDATE: Seems that the AP is running this viewpoint as factual reporting. The "analysis" done by the AP "reporter" is just so absurd I can't imagine anyone could take it seriously. Of course, dollars to donuts someone will run a 503(c) ad quoting it as fact that McCain is a racist.


il Tucc said...

"He's as bad as . . . Michelle Malkin." ?!!?? Dude, Michelle is without a doubt as partisan as the day is long, but she is so easy on the eyes that she can't be compared to these other two guys --c'mon!

mathle said...

Good for you.

And, in other news, my condolences on your boys of October.

CounterClckWise said...

OK, I'll give you that on Malkin.