Predictions for Obama's first term

1. Contrary to white liberal hopes, racial tensions will stay about the same under President Barry.

2. The stock market, as measured by the S&P500, will be lower than it is today.

3. Inflation will be in the double digits.

4. Iran will get the bomb.

5. Ties with Europe will be enhanced. Russia will be more belligerent.

6. The White Sox will win at least one World Series and the Broncos will win a Super Bowl.

7. Young and earnest beltway political types will continue to mistake parody for their own level of earnestness.

8. At least one of my liberal hippie friends will learn to kill and eat their own meat.

9. Millions of acres of bluegrass will be plowed under as the home gardening movement supplants superfluous suburban backyards with productive cropland.

10. Jesus will not return.