Biden's lies

Wow, I knew he was lying on policy and just hamming it up on his folksy roots. But, by Odin's cock, could he at least name a restaurant that wasn't closed 20 YEARS AGO? Face it Biden, your home town is Washington DC and you're slithering through it like a true snake in the grass. From Delaware Online:
Katie's was actually at the corner of Sixth and Scott streets in Wilmington's Little Italy neighborhood. (Not Union Street.) It had been a local and much-loved institution, well known for its rich, thick Italian gravy (tomato sauce) and spaghetti. It was opened in 1936 by Silvio Spiezio, who later sold it in 1945. The Fugilino family owned and ran the restaurant for years until it was sold in the 1981 after Frances Mae Fugilino's death.
Katie's then changed hands again in 1985, but kept the venerable name.
But it eventually changed hands again - at least 10 years ago, maybe even more like 15 years ago - and was renamed C.J. Bart's, which according to features reporter Ryan Cormier in a May 2008 News Journal story became " a spot with an unsavory reputation as a magnet for panhandlers and worse."

Yes, yes, politicians lie [yawn]. I'm not really outraged as much as baffled that in the information age someone can lie so bald-facedly and think he can get away with it. I guess I need to shed the last vestiges of my belief that anyone actually gives a damn about the truth. Only then can I reach anarchist Nirvana.


Christopher said...

True, true, true. On the other hand...

CounterClckWise said...

Here's another good comic on that subject.