| I'm reading this high-larious snark offered up on Mommy Needs a Cocktail, wherein we all join in and laugh at some humorless scold who takes parenting VERY SERIOUSLY, when someone farts out this comment:
I think Holly is a man because that is such a man thing to say….and we all know what they know about parenting!!


Well Patti, I'm sure your husband just smiles and nods "Yes Dear" while you lock his shriveled little balls away in your bedside drawer, but some men might take exception to that attitude. Your experience may have varied, but then you probably spent the first part of your life repelling any man with self-respect and the rest of it changing the diapers of the infantile companion who puts up with your misanthropy. Gods above, I hope you don't have sons.

Oh, and you're fat.


Andrea said...

Okay, you're funny too...I think I may have to add your blog to my page. Funny guy, who knew? Take care...I'm going to skulk around your page now;)