Embrace the goddess

Fortuna loves me lately. She is such a fickle one, though. That's why I'm at war with luck -- because luck is really just standard deviation experienced on a short time line.

As the book says (Fight Club) "in the long run, everyone's life expectancy drops to zero."

Well, skill works the same way -- at least in theory. If you have any kind of edge, in the long run that edge will shine through provided you have a big enough bankroll to stand the swings.

I don't just mean this about poker or futures trading. This core fact permeates every decision you'll ever make. Since we only have one shot at life, in the real world the bankroll sometimes isn't big enough.

And if you suck out, don't apologize -- just stack the chips and smile.


Wendy said...
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Maybe said...

But why establish an adversarial relationship with luck if you don't have to? Especially when, after some time has passed, you're actually rather happy with many of the "blows" she's dealt you?