Comments on the new blog template are welcomed. But what I really mean by the redesign is what I've been doing with myself over the last three weeks of light blogging.

First, I've been working on my health and developing my fitness. My health has been a little choppy recently, and I've been on pain medication a bit more than I'd like which makes it hard to focus on anything, much less write. But yoga is a great way to return the body to focus and it's helped me get back to where I am right now.

Second, I've been reading Albert Jay Nock again, which tends to fuck with all my paradigms. Every word in this book is like a cluebat smacked up the side of my head. So my world view has been in a bit of flux (lots more on this over the rest of the week) and the 'ol head has had some spring cleaning. I think I understand myself significantly better than I did before reading the book.

Finally, I've been traveling to see family and also enjoying reconnecting with distant friends via the glories of Facebook. It's a bit too easy for me to hermit myself up when I feel like this, so I've been making sure that the connections with the people I care about remain strong. Since one of the main reasons I started blogging was to stop harassing my friends with my thoughts via email, all this activity cut into my blogging motivations somewhat as well.

So -- body, mind, heart, blog. All redesigned, refocused, renewed. More for you anon.


M Shodiq Mustika said...

Thank you for using my template design. I want to say that I think this blog will be more interesting if you edit "Think On It" widget. I recommend you to write your sentences in a paragraph form. (You may just add "<", "p", and ">" at the start, then "<", "/", "p", and ">" at the end.)

CounterClckWise said...

Yay - thanks!

mathle said...

I like it, but I like the old name "At War With Luck"

Fortuna's Favor sounds like Fortune is eating a tuna sandwich.

The real problem is your crypto-libertarian, pro-neocon ideology. There is no simple fix for that severe ailment, I am afraid.

CounterClckWise said...

Oh Jesus F Christ, only a Philosophy MA from U San Francisco would classify me as a neocon. You probably think everyone to the right of Mao is oppressing you.

mathle said...

Me thinks you dost protest too much. Fascist!

I don't even think crypto-libertarian is a proper phrase word, but it cracked me up when I wrote it.