this is how the human race ends

one culture after another, one individual after another, coupling over the generations to create increasingly cruder offspring, until the race is degenerated into non-native speaking 80's pop star impersonators.

Thanks to the official funny video source at Fortuna's Favor, my friend May.


BobG said...

Reminds me of seeing Japanese made westerns years ago; seeing a bunch of Japanese cowboys and Indians is a bit strange. It was even worse than the dubbed-in versions of The Lone Ranger. The Ranger sounded like a eunuch, Tonto sounded like a 500lb Sumo wrestler, and every time the Ranger took off on his horse he yelled "Hi-ho, Siver-san!"

CounterClckWise said...

Ha! I've gotta find that on YouTube, Bob. Hi, Ho Silver-san! Makes me think of Band of Brothers from the other side of the war.