Dark Political Thoughts

1. The welfare state will only grow as the economic hardship created by socialization of losses grips our society.

2. When given the choice between freedom and security, the people have repeatedly and decisively chosen security.

3. The crudest and most barbarous religious sentiments are the foundation of society's ethics. Without the fear of God to restrain the mob, robbery, rape, and murder would destroy civilization.

4. Libertarianism is wrong, in that it assumes people will act rationally. The more we know about psychology and the physiology of the brain, the more we understand how fundamental irrationality is to human nature.

5. The Golden Age is ending. For people like me who have a visceral desire for a little more disorder, we are going to get a full, nasty dose of it. For the majority who want order and security, they will only find it through losing their sanity.


BobG said...

"Libertarianism is wrong, in that it assumes people will act rationally."

I think that applies to every ideology; every one of them assumes that people are intelligent, responsible, and industrious. That is why NO ideology will work in its pure form, but has to be tempered somewhat.
Just my opinion.

CounterClckWise said...

I think you're right bobg, just for some reason I had a mental block. It was obvious to me how left-wing ideology was fantasy, but only recently have I realized that it's true of my side as well.