Sig Sauer Mosquito

When I realized that the price of ammo going up for the foreseeable future, I got in the market for a new .22 pistol to train with. The problem with the standard Buckmark or Mark III is that the pistols are so different from what I actually carry that there is a limit to what kind of training I could do with them. Enter the new Sig Mohito: which bears a reasonable relationship to the plastic Glocky-lookin thing I wear on my hip most days.

The Germanic engineering makes the pistol feel extremely competent, which it most assuredly is. A couple of people at the range came over and asked to handle it, and they were also impressed with the feel of it. Here's an illustrative target I shot at 10 yards from the first time I took it out to the range:

And before you all harrass me about the loosey-goosey grouping, keep a few points in mind:

1. I already know I suck, FYVM
2. This was my first time shooting the pistol,
3. with my weak hand.

What I like about this group is how you can see the travel in my aim as the magazine empties. If nothing else, it illustrates that this pistol is way more accurate than I am. At the price (around $300 new), this was a terrific addition to the armory.


Christopher said...

How does it group off the bench?

CounterClckWise said...

Best group had 4 nines in it, but that was me cause I didn't have a proper sandbag rest.

I'm joining a new range next week and I'll put it through the proper paces over there. Assuming it isn't still snowing...unbelievable weather her this year!